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We are one of the best and largest web hosting providers on the internet today. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the fastest and the most stable Internet services possible. Whether you're looking for a web design, a web hosting account to host your web site, or to buy a domain, we can provide all of these services and more at an appealing cost to you.

Our servers run the latest FreeBSD and Red Hat operating systems, the most stable of the Unix variants, utilizing the latest Intel Pentium processors. There are no hidden costs here at TuXs Internet Services. We have a price to fit everyone's budget. Our servers are located in the Los Angeles, California.

Data Center:

  • Fully-redundant architecture
  • Multi-gigabit backbone with over 128 Gbps of network capacity
  • SONET transit connections for self-healing fault-tolerance
  • Multi-layer network design
  • Customized routing policies for customers
  • BGP best-path routing
  • Automatic detection and re-routing around network failures
  • Open peering policy allowing for local data delivery
  • Carrier fault-tolerance
  • Non-oversubscribed bandwidth
  • Quality of Service monitoring and analysis

Last Updated: 17/06/2010


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